Hemp Flower - The Most Effective Way To Get CBD

If you're here, you've probably noticed that CBD products are pretty much everywhere. CBD over the last several years has gone from one of THC’s lesser known cannabinoid cousins to a medicinal phenomenon, shown to be an effective treatment for a wide array of conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety, and depression. It is a safe, natural alternative remedy for pain and inflammation and continues to reveal new uses without the “high” associated with psychoactive cannabinoids like thc. 
That said, you may have tried certain products on the market such as e-liquids, gummy bears, bath bombs, lotions, or other concoctions and wondered to yourself if it’s doing anything at all. 
To those people, I would say that before you walk away thinking to yourself that this may just be hype or the latest fad, to try hemp flower. 
Hemp flower, once a poorly grown by product of hemp grown for biomass to produce other cbd products, has come into its own with hemp farmers having learned some of the hard earned knowledge of the cannabis industry. Hemp flower can now be purchased nationwide from various online vendors, offering various strains grown for high CBD and low/no delta-9 thc, with a quality that is nearly indistinguishable from well grown, well cured high grade top shelf cannabis flower. There is now an array nearly as diverse as the choice of flowers at your local dispensary, and many fans of hemp flower, some of whom have given up THC heavy flower for CBD and terpene rich hemp flower. 
CBD rich hemp flower is the fastest acting, most effective of all CBD products.
Unlike many other hemp derived CBD products, with flower you are getting an unadulterated, natural product, free from any solvents that may have been used in extraction process. Raw hemp flower contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phenols that create the entourage effect - the idea that cannabinoids and terpenes work together for maximum effect. The combination of compounds in whole plant medicine is far superior to one of them in isolate. But even if you were to compare only CBD, you would find that the CBD content in flower is typically much higher than that of other products. For example, a few of our strains contain over 15% CBD, which equates to over 150mg per gram. Even with a full dropper of the strongest CBD oil you can find, you would be getting around 30mg per dropper full. 
Now this is not to say that hemp derived CBD products are not effective at all. Far from it. I personally take CBD oil every morning for a seizure disorder, and it is highly effective, but in a slow-release way that allows me to maintain and keep symptoms at bay throughout the day. But if I am looking for a ‘quick’ solution for pain or even some body euphoria for stress relief and relaxation, hemp flower is a far better choice. And with the quality of hemp flower improving day by day, a market is emerging much like wine in which we can not only enjoy it for its effects, but also its varying aromatic and flavor profiles. 
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